Baobub is an audio game app assisting parents to interact meaningfully with their child without screen distraction, solely relying on audio games. Enjoy uninterrupted one-to-one time!

Bonding time, not screen time!

Tailored to the unique path of each child, creating a truly personalized early education curriculum just for your child!


How to best encourage  development in your children in a caring and playful way? We have the answers!

Tips and Tricks


Educational games

Games for you and your child, appropriate for different developmental stages. Playful learning! 

Superheroes in the making

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  • Play audio games with your bub

  • Develop key skills in a playful way

  • Learn why your bub needs them

"This app is all fun and games!"

Fun, interactive and educational! 

Ideal playtime for you and your child!